However, the expansion of social media or social networking is changing this pattern. Especially social networks like Facebook and Twitter who undertake a multitude of visits on the internet. This also impact commercial service and products dramatically. For that reason, SMO is on the market in response to this trend and requirements.

Kuala Lumpur Social Media Marketing is an integral component of your marketing campaign. We explore a multitude of social media websites to develop publicity and boost interest in your products, service, brands or events. The social media involved contain social news and social bookmarking websites, social networks, RSS feeds and online video and blog sites. For example, Facebook, Pinterest, Twitter, Foursquare and Youtube are some of the social media outlets that Kuala Lumpur Social Media Marketing exploit for you.

Social media will often explain your website contents including your products or services through these social media and networking sites, which can be regarded as a fundamental part of the major search engines optimization. It very much accelerates advertising of products or service and increases overall profitability. Though, search engine optimization and social media optimization are so different. Nowadays social media exerts more and more influence over the classic Search engine optimization.


First of all, content share through social media is becoming the revolutionary brand of link-building. Secondly, relevant keywords will get boosted from the content shared and profile for the writer on social networking websites.

Regardless of the social media optimization, keywords are the essential factors associated with the products or service directly, so it shall be well incorporated into the contents. Apart from key terms in the good quality material, the name, URL and biography shall also include the key phrases to show the products and improve the search outcomes. Lastly, it is best to position for social connections and followers. The true quality connections, followers and friends within the social networking website are seen to be the most essential resources for SEO because of the huge social network will be the advantages for the advertising and promotion.


Publish high quality targeted contents in writing, photo or video


Share the material on social media websites regularly and easily


Use additional imagery to show your products or service and match the writing contents


Measure and scrutinize overall performance of social media


Examine the important statistics collected from the social networking website and adjust the social networking strategy

Kuala Lumpur Social Media Marketing will help you do steps 1-5 so that you can concentrate on what’s important to you. The day to day success of your business. We will look after all Social Media assets through our high quality Social Media Asset Tools.

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