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We look after Malaysia’s biggest companies to provide them with a premier search engine optimization experience to ensure they are Number One according to the real Google search engines.

National businesses in Malaysia are losing of dollars a year because they are not number #1 on Google.

Think to yourself for minute! If you are looking for a Glove Manufacturer in your local area where do you look? Yellow pages? White pages? Do they really still exist? No, you go to

Think again for one minute!

When you enter your search term Glove Manufacturer in Malaysia and yout results come up what do you click on?

That’s right, #1 2 or 3
90% of people click on #1
45% of people click on #2
22.5% of people click on #3

People only ever think about the Top 3 searches in Google. Do you ever look further down the page? Most people don’t and that’s why you need to make sure that your company is primed on the first sport in Google.


Johor SEO is the only way to succeed in with a business within the state of Johor. We are the premier SEO company that looks after all the major cities in Malaysia. Johor SEO is here to help you rank #1.

With population of 3.5 million Johor is the second largest state in Malaysia. It is located in the southern region of Peninsula
Malaysia,, Johor is an up and coming city with extensive
infrastructure going into Iskandar, which is 2.5 times bigger than Singapore.

Extensive road networks, train links and international schools are all signalling that the state of Johor is becoming an investment hub for Local and International companies.

However Johor lacks the marketing companies needed to take its infrastructure and economy to the next level. The
implementation of Johor SEO, the premier web marketing
company in state are present to drive your business to the top.

When someone searches for a Optometrist in Johor where do they search? White pages? Yellow pages?

Wrong! 90% of people use the Google!

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The only way to succeed in with a business in Penang is to get in touch with Penang SEO, the premier SEO company in Malaysia. We make sure that we service all the major cities in Malaysia such as Penang.

Currently Penang is a vibrant busy metropolis with a population of over 1.6 million people, business is booming, development is at the forefront and access is becoming much easier with the opening of the 2nd Penang bridge.

With that the need for premier marketing companies are in great demand. Penang SEO is a premier web marketing company that will drive your company to Number One in Penang.

Imagine you are a Dentist in Penang, how do people know where to find you? Yellow pages? White pages? Word of mouth?

More than 90% of people now search on Google for their answers. If you want to be found what will people type into the Google search engine? “Dentist in Penang” or “The best dentist in Penang”.

Question is do you Rank #1 for those search terms in Google? You could be missing out on hundreds of extra clients a month not to mention the thousands of dollars that your competitors are taking away from you.

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